Geoffrey Flint


/about me

I was born in South Africa and studied at the New York Institute of Photography, NY

Having a passion for music, imaging and design it was probably a natural progression into photography and videography. I still love what I do and the variety of people I get to meet and work with makes it all worth it.


I have contributed and collaborated with a number of Ad Agencies, companies and designers over the years specializing in Commercial Photography-Commercial Videography, Fashion Photography-Fashion Videography, Corporate Photography-Corporate Videography, Lifestyle Photography-Lifestyle Videography and Event Photography-Event Videography. I look forward to growing my network of loyal friends and clients so please feel free to contact me to set up a meeting.   

​Some of my clients include: Music Groups    

                                                                               / MISS SOUTH AFRICA

                                                                               / SUN INTERNATIONAL

                                                                               / USN ULTIMATE SPORT NUTRITION

                                                                               / VW

                                                                               / AUDI

                                                                               / MAN TRUCK AND BUS 

                                                                               / JP TIME

                                                                               / JET SET WATCHES

                                                                               / TENDENCE WATCHES

                                                                               / KASHI CREATIONS, and more.